Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Install Siri on iPad 3, iPad 2 or iPad Using SiriPort (Original) 5.2-1

After porting Siri on iPhone 4/3GS and iPod touch, devs over have hacked Siri assistant to run on all models of iPad. SiriPort iPad’s (Original) 5.2-1 allows you to run Siri assistant on iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3 running jailbroken iOS 5.1 or 5.1.1. The iPad 3 does not need a certificate key and if you follow everything as described below you will get a working Siri within 10 minutes on third generation Apple tablet. However, for iPad 2 and iPad 1G, you must catch the key; It takes a little time and depends on the number of connected iPhone 4S to the server.

The process for installing Siri is on Apple iPad simple and straight forward.  If you want to try this method, see the step by step guide below.
Siri on iPad 3 (The New iPad)

Instructions to Install Siri on iPad 3 (The New iPad)

Step 1: Jailbreak the New iPad (iPad3) , if you haven’t already using Absinthe.
Step 2: Install SiriPort iPad’s (Original) ver. 5.2-1 on your iPad 3 from repo
Step 3: Reboot the device
Step 4: Go to settings turn Siri on (Settings – General – Siri)
Step 5: Go to settings SiriPort.Ru Original (Settings – SiriPort.Ru Original)
Step 6: Select field Apple (for catch a key) in the Apple or SiriPort?
Step 7: Go to settings SiriPort.Ru Original (Settings – SiriPort.Ru Original)
Step 8: Click Install Certificate
Step 9: It will open the certificate page, where we choose Install Certificate … install it.
Step 10: Reboot the device
Step 11: Use dictation is on the keyboard if your text is translated Siri all well received by the key!
Step 12: Go to settings SiriPort.Ru Original (Settings – SiriPort.Ru Original)
Step 13: Select field SiriPort (for use Siri) in the Apple or SiriPort?
Step 14: Reboot the device
Step 15: Call Siri

Instructions to Install Siri on iPad or iPad 2

Step 1: Jailbreak iPad 2 or iPad 1G using Absinthe tool.
Step 2: Add repo and then install SiriPort iPad’s (Original) ver. 5.2-1 onto your iPad
Step 3: Reboot the device
Step 4: Go to settings include Siri (Settings – General – Siri)
Step 5: Go to settings SiriPort.Ru Original (Settings – SiriPort.Ru Original)
Step 6: Select the Apple (for catch a key) in field Apple or SiriPort
Step 7: Reboot your iPad.
Step 8: Go to settings SiriPort.Ru Original (Settings – SiriPort.Ru Original)
Step 9: Select SiriPort (for use Siri) in the Apple or SiriPort?
Step 10: Go to settings SiriPort.Ru Original (Settings – SiriPort.Ru Original)
Step 11: Click Install Certificate it will open certificate page, where we choose Install Certificate
Step 12: Reboot the device. Say “Hi Siri” to catch the key. If it doesn’t work try again after few minutes.
Let us know in comments, if it works for you or not. Follow @JAlLBREAKS for more on Siri port.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to crack or Reset BIOS Password?

  The BIOS software is built into the PC, and is the first code run by a PC when powered on ('boot firmware'). The primary function of the BIOS is to set up the hardware and load and start a boot loader. When the PC starts up, the first job for the BIOS is to initialize and identify system devices such as the video display card, keyboard and mouse, hard disk drive, optical disc drive and other hardware. The BIOS then locates software held on a peripheral device (designated as a 'boot device'), such as a hard disk or a CD/DVD, and loads and executes that software, giving it control of the PC. This process is known as booting, or booting up, which is short for bootstrapping.
Bios password is usually used to protect the user's BIOS settings on the computer. If you want to reset the password on the BIOS does not need to bother to connect bateray CMOSnya, with a little trick on the Dos you can reset the BIOS password on it in 2 ways:

1. Clear CMOS
This way I consider the most ancient and most easy to break down the password on the BIOS. The steps are easy, first open the casing cover computer CPU. Then find the bios battery that looks something like the battery just a little more big clock. After the meet and consider the area around the battery there is usually a jumper with 3 pins, 2 pins and 1 pin not connected.

Suppose the three pins with the code 1 - 2 - 3. Connector that connects the initial position usually is 2-3. To reset the bios do I move the position of the plug that connects pins 2-3 to position 1-2 for about 5 seconds. Then plug it back into the starting position (2-3). Try restarting the computer back on, secured the bios password is gone.

If the above looks complicated, is easy to clear cmos by unplugging the BIOS battery and then put it back. But with the consequences of removing the label is the warranty on the battery BIOS.

2. Through DOS

First out of the windows with me restart your computer, start the computer in MS-DOS mode, use the option "Command Prompt Only"

At c: prompt, type: DEBUG
press enter. You will see the sign (-) at the DEBUG prompt, then type:
o 70 2e
at the DEBUG prompt will be displayed as-o 70 2e.
press enter and type:
-O 71 ff
press enter, the last type:
hit enter, then you will get out of the DEBUG prompt and return to the C:> prompt.
Now restart your COMPUTER, and see the results

Watch stars wars Movie inTelnet

This is simple computer trick , you can watch the stars wars Episode IV:New Hope as command line interface in telnet.   If you have IPV6 type of IP address, it will be more fun to watch.   No audio is available with this, it is simple text format but it will be more fun to watch.

  • Internet Connection
  • Any Operating System(Windows,Linux,Mac,..)
If you have windows xp, telnet is enabled already.  If you use windows 7/vista , you have to enable manually.

In windows 7,
  • go to control panel.
  • Click on the sub heading Uninstall a program under the main heading Programs

    (NOTE: IF you are in the Classic View click on Programs and Features.)
  • Select Turn Windows features on or off.
  •  Select the Telnet Client option.
  • Click OK.
Watch Stars Wars Movie in Telnet
  • Open Run box (Press Win+R or start->Run)
  • Enter the Following command in the Run box

  • Press Enter
Enjoy watching the movie..!!!

Banner Text Effect in Linux using Terminal? Ubuntu Tricks

Hi , this is funny Linux trick. if you give string, it will give banner text effect depending on the string.

For example:
if your string value is hackers, then it will generate the following :

  • Linux
  • Internet

How to Create this banner effect using Terminal?
  1. Open the Terminal
  2. Type 
    sudo apt-get install sysvbanner
  3. It will install the banner
  4. Now type
    banner HACKERS
Now it will generate the banner text effect like the above one.
Change HACKERS with any string(like HELLO,YOURNAME.....)

How to Clear/Flush DNS cache in Linux/Windows/Mac Os?

if a website newly registered in internet world, it may not be loaded in your computer.  For example, you register for yesterday, still you may not see your web page. This is problem of DNS cache.  Your local DNS cache is old one so it won't know the newely available domain names.  Sometime you may update the NS records of your domain to point to new hosting service.

In these case you have to clear or flush cache in your computer.

How to Flush cache in Windows?

  1. Open Command Prompt(Start->Run , type cmd and hit enter).
  2. In command promt type
    ipconfig /flushdns
  3. hit enter
Your DNS cache is cleared now, try to load your new website.

How to Clear Cache in Linux?
First of all you have to install nscd . (only 250kb).
Open terminal and type
sudo apt-get install nscd 
Type this command to restart the DNS cache server in Linux:
sudo /etc/rc.d/init.d/nscd restart

How to Clear Cache in Mac Os?
Open the Terminal
Type the following command:
dscacheutil -flushcache