Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to change/create your boot animation for Droid

Changing or Creating a boot animation is not a big thing. You won’t see it that often. It only appears when you boot your device. But, for some people they would like to change/create boot animation just for fun. I personally like theNexus One’s boot animation. If you want, you can get Nexus One boot animation running on your Droid. To get this you need to have a Rooted Droid. If you haven’t rooted your Droid you can follow thin link. – How to root Motorola Droid
NexusOneBootAnimation How to change/create your boot animation for Droid
Warning: Please do it on your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damage or breakage of your iPhone.
Once you are ready, Lets start creating a custom boot animation:
FYI – I have posted few links at the bottom of this post, where you can download custom boot animation files.
Step 1: Create your animation files using 256 X 256 with .PNG extension. Name these files with 5 digit sequence. (This is what I have created – 10001.png, 10002.png, 10003.png, 10004.png, 10005.png)
Step 2: Place them in a folder called part0 with an optional looped portion in part1. Your part1 files should continue the sequence where your part0 files left off. (In part6 – 10007.png, 10008.png, 10009.png) – Remember, more files will make a bigger boot animation, and there may be an upper limit that will cause instability.
Step 3: By now, you should have five files in part0 and four files in part1.
Step 4: Now, create desc.txt file and type the following…
  • 480 427 30p 1 0 part0p 0 10 part1
Here is what the desc.txt file does and mean.
  • 480 – stretched width of the animation
  • 427 – stretched height of the animation
  • 30p – this controlled the speed of both parts of the animation
  • 1 – this defined how many times part0 of the animation looped
  • 0 – saw no change when altering this number
  • part0 – folder containing first part of the animation
  • p – this was a bit confusing as there is no space between the words “part0″ & the “p”. I tried adding a space and changing this number -> “part0 30p”. I expected this to change the speed of the second part of the animation, but there was no change as far as I could tell.
  • 0 – this defined the number of times part1 of the animation looped (0=infinite)
  • 10 – saw no change when altering this number
  • part1 – folder containing second part of the animation
Step 5: Now, select the two folder (part0 & part1) and one file(desc.txt) and add them to a ZIP file. Use 7zip with the following options. Note the “Compression Level” setting. It must be on “store” which is no compression. If you compress any part of the file then it will not work.
Step 6: Name the zip file as bootanimation.zip.
Now, that we have created a boot animation for you Droid, lets see how we can change your boot animation.
Step 1: Now, place your bootanimation.zip on your SDCard root
Step 2: Now, mount file system read/write
  • mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3/system
Step 3: Let first backup your current bootanimation.zip
  • cd/system/media
  • mv bootanimation.zip bootanimation.bak
Step 4: Now, copy the custom bootanimation.zip to the correct folder
  • cat/sdcard/bootanimation.zip > botanimation.zip
Step 5: Now, reboot your device.
That’s it! You should see the new boot animation on your Droid.
If interested you can download the following bootanimation files. – Credit to all people who uploaded in AllDroid
  • bootanimation.zip – Nexus One Boot Animation
  • bootanimation.zip – Custom Boot Animation
  • bootanimation.zip – Custom Boot Animation
  • bootanimation.zip – 3D Spinning Boot Animation
  • bootanimation.zip – R2-D2 Custom Boot Animation

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