Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to make Windows 7 bootable USB pendrive

I googled up the way to make a bootable pendrive and finally found the solution. Here I have posted the way  to make a bootable pendrive. Enough talking lets get started.

Things you would need

  • Pen drive (8 GB ==> I prefer & make sure its empty)
  • Windows 7 DVD (or .iso files)
  • Computer with windows installed and DVD drive(or friends Computer)
  • Cup of coffee(Trust me you will need this)
After you have grabbed all your equipment, Here are the real steps.
  1. Open command prompt (click windows+R and type 'cmd' and run)
You will get this screen
    2. Then type diskpart and hit enter. A new window as below will open. You can close our old command prompt now.
    3. Now the main game begins. Insert you pendrive and type list disk. This will show all the storage disk that is currently available as below.
   4. Usually Disk 2 will be your pendrive. It is obvious because other storage disk are heck too big for a pendrive.
5. Now type select Disk 2 and press enter. Be sure that you have selected your pendrive. You can check this by typing detail disk and it will show you details of that disk as below.
6.  Finally these commands should be typed serially. Don't mess the order.
  • clean
  • create partition primary
  • select partition 1
  • active
  • format fs=fat32
As you might have figured out what we have done right now. Ya we just formatted our pendrive, that is why I wanted you make sure that it is empty or else you might loosed your important files like I did.
Now take a cup of coffee (I told ya'). and open take rest.(You deserve it).
8.  After the format is complete, type following commands
  • assign
  • exit
Below is the image of our complete process.
9.  When the format is complete insert your original windows DVD in your DVD drive (No doubt you can use .iso image if you have from softwares like VMware, PoweISO, etc)
Then copy all files from the DVD into your dear pen drive and treat yourself a nice nap after that long hard work. 
Feel Free to post any comment or feedbacks. I would be happy to here from you.

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