Saturday, September 22, 2012

Antim Grahan Coming Up With Their 6th Studio Album

Antim Grahan is one of the biggest name in Nepali Black Metal scenario. There are already 5 full length albums in their name, which have already established them in the Nepali Rock Music arena.The Band is now working on their their 6th studio album which is supposed to be releasing this September.
Previous Album’s of the Band
  1. Forever Winter – (2004)
  2. Tales from the Darkened Wood- (2005)
  3. In Thy Ambiance of Malevolence – (2007)
  4. The Ruin of Immortals – (2009)
  5. Putrefaction Eternity – (2010)
The band seems quite satisfied as they have recently revealed that all the Drum works has been finished and also released their one of their album cover for their new album according to one of their fan page.

One of the album cover for the new album

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