Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things You Should Do Before You Die

1. Visit places you won’t find on the Internet.
2. Volunteer in a children's hospital.
3. Do an open mic at a stand up comedy club.
4. Overcome the fear of rejection by asking out a stranger.
5. Learn to play the guitar.
6. Experience the joy of playing a completely new sport.
7. Go on a spontaneous holiday with the first five people you can think of.
8. Go back to your school and meet your teachers.
9. Call up the people you've had fights with and sort out your differences.
10. Run a marathon and finish it.
11. Learn a new language.
12. Adopt a pet.

13. Do some gardening.

14. Move to a different city and start all over again.
15. Visit religious institutions outside of yours.
16. Make a difference to another person by sponsoring a child's education.
17. Meet all your Facebook friends in person.
18. Try every cuisine in the world.
 Learn to cook one dish & do it well.
 Sing a solo at a karaoke event.
 Get inked.
 Learn how to ride a horse.
 Start your own business.
 Sleep beneath a starry sky.
Go to a country less developed than yours.

Go to a country more developed than yours.

Try writing a book.

Take a gap year.

Try sushi.

Learn to eat with chopsticks.

Know the lyrics to your favourite song to the T.

Tell your parents how much you love them.

Switch off your phone for a month.

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