Tuesday, October 14, 2014

13 Things That Happen When You’re Friends With A Moody Person

If you have a friend whose mood goes from “I love everyone” to “screw this world” in ten seconds, you’re not alone. A lot of us have friends who are moody and sometimes, their erratic behaviour is just too much to handle.

Following are the things that we do when we have a friend who is moody.

1. You are more than used to all their mood swings


2. And consequently, you know how to handle them


3. As a result of them being moody, you are generally more stable


Because two moody people= recipe for disaster.

4. You are more flexible about changing plans because of them

You don’t complain too much when they suddenly feel like sitting at home instead of partying out.

5. You know all the tricks to change their mood when they’re sad


You never tell them the secret formula you use. ;)

6. You are, by default, more patient than them


You give them time to understand their change of mood, and help them out in doing it.

7. You never ask them questions like “are you PMSing?”


Because you know that they’re genuinely pissed off.

8. You are familiar with the fact that they’re a ticking time bomb



9. You know how to work your way through when they’re unimpressed with everything


10. And sometimes you scold them for not having control on their emotions


Because you have a threshold of tolerance too.

11. But, when you guys fight, there are chances they won’t remember it later


Always cool, isn’t it? :D

12. Because you’re very understanding of their moods, they try and take control of it


13. And your relationship with them is perfect because both of you are yin and yang


You and your friend are meant to be, because what you give to your friendship complements what they give from their side. :)

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