Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to dowload Youtube videos without any other Software installed ??

Due to fake serial crack of IDM, from fewer days i wasnot able to download youtube videos from it. So i planned to install some plugins in respective browsers which makes the Loading of page slower. So i started searching for "How to download youtube videos from another site? " . On searching i found . First i wasnot even trying it because more sites are fake or have to create account for downloading videos. But works . In order to download youtube videos small external file have to download of few kbs.
 Here are the steps to download Youtube Videos using

1. go to Savevid site from here.

2.install the file . click file to download     FILE

3.Restart Chrome .  Havent tried for other browsers. Sorry . Try yourself and comment below if it works or not.. 
4.goto Youtube and select URL from Address bar 

5.goto and paste the URL and click Download, it shows file size option which is good to have .

6. choose your desirable size , it will automatically starts downloading your youtube video . happy downloading 

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