Wednesday, September 11, 2013

IDM Fake serial key Problem

IDM (internet download manager) is one of the best available Download manager. Light weight, easy to use and good downloading speed are some of its prominent features which makes him totally unique and powerful among other competitors. You can download IDM from their official website as a 30 days trial version which is free but you have to pay for full version. A lot of people face problem of Fake serial key when they uninstall IDM after using of 30 days trial version and try to install it again so that they can use it again for a month . But the newly installed idm not work for them and they end up in receiving an error of “your idm has been registered through fake serial number or the serial key number has been blocked, IDM exiting”. For to solve this problem, people install new operating system so that IDM won’t show Fake serial key problem, and this method works. But installing operating system after every 30 days isn’t good; most of the people don’t like it. In this post I’ll tell you how you can resolve idm fake serial key problem without installing a new operating system. Without further ado let’s get started.

Solution of IDM Fake serial key problem

1- Open run dialog box and type Regedit then press enter. You can open run dialog box by pressing windows +R key on your keyboard.
2) Now go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER–>SOFTWARE–>Download Manager, then Delete the complete Download Manager folder.
IDM Fake serial key problem solution
3) Now go to control panel, and uninstall the IDM.
4) Restart your computer.
5)  Install latest version of IDM, you can download it from their Official website.
And the problem is resolved now you can’t see again weird Fake serial key error . You have to follow the above step in orderly manner otherwise your problem won’t resolve. If you have any question to ask the leave your question in the comment below, we really appreciate it.

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