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Top 10 Best Cricket Games For Android – 2016

Android becomes popular platform for gaming also. It provide different types of games like racing, shooting and sports games. Latest android smartphones have sufficient hardware support to play 3D graphics games, animation Games, sensor games. Some people like to play challenge games, some people like to play adventure games, sports Games. Android marketplace have all these kinds of games for its users. In the same way games for different sports are also available.
In the same way cricket the most popular sport worldwide. Their are many games available for Cricket lovers. Cricket games provide a chance to represent our country. Cricket games For Android provide a feeling as we really play  cricket in the play ground. It also help as to understand the scenario of real Cricket game. So if you are also font of playing cricket then here we are going to provide you best cricket games for android. Which are full of fun with different teams and players.

List Of Best Cricket Games For Android.

1. Cricket T20 fever 3D.

Cricket T20 Fever Android GameIt is an android cricket game which offer more realistic 3D graphics and animations. This game offer many different tournaments including World cup. We can also upload our score online and compete with our friends. It also introduces a new power play bating mode. We can also watch the cheerleader dance on our shot and wicket. Approximately 50 million user download this Game.
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2. World Cricket Championship 2.

World Cricket Championship 2 Android GameIt is an awesome in all cricket games for android. It give us the best Batting experience with the help of 45 + different shots. This game offer 18 different international teams. It also provide 4 different types of tournaments including world cup, T 20 etc. This game also include friends mode to challenges our friends. This game give us the real feeling of playing Cricket with its awesome graphics. Approximately 5 million user download this Game.
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3. World Cricket Championship.

World Cricket Championship Android GameThis game gives us the real experience of playing three different types of leagues including world cricket championship league. This game allow us to request points from friends when we do not have enough points to qualify in the tournament. This game has awesome quality graphics which we can judge by watching the stadium. Approximately 10 million user download this Game.
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4. Real Cricket.

Real Cricket Android Cricket GameReal Cricket is another popular in all cricket games for android. This game offer easy to use  control and awesome GUI so that everyone can play it without any difficulty. This game offer a number of different Cricket mode including Master Cup,  Knock out cup,  T20 cup etc. This game offer 27 different  shots with real bowling scenario. Approximately 10 million user download this one.
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5. Cricket World Cup Fever.

 Cricket Worldcup Fever Android GameIt is an Android 3D cricket game which offer real 3D graphics and animation.  This game offer 14 different teams,  three difficulty modes and 6 stadiums. We also analyze the over ball by ball.  It offer complete score board which show the Complete performance of each batsman and bowler. This game offer full user control on changing the order of bowling and  bating.  Approximately 10 million user download this Game.
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6. Cricket Games For Mobile.

 Cricket Games for Mobile Android GameThis Game offer different challenges of Cricket world. It is an awesome game to improve our Cricket skills in virtual ground. We have to play the role of a hero and rescue our team from different situations. It is a light weight Android Cricket Game which is available on Google play store. It is compatible with Android 2.3.3 or higher version. Approximately 5 million users download this Game.
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7. World T20 Cricket Champs 2016.

World T20 Cricket Champs Android Cricket Games
This Cricket Game give us chance to represent our Nation, choose our team of best 11 players to play cricket with our rivals. It offers three different game modes including net practice, challenge mode, tournament mode. This Game provide 14 different types of Nation and five different bowlers of different speed. A well placed Cricket ground which provide the real feeling of day, night and evening environment. Approximately 5 million user download this Game.
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8. Cricket World Cup Game.

Cricket Worldcup Game Android GameCricket world cup is famous among all cricket games for android. Approximately 5 million user download this Game. It is a light weight Android Cricket Game which is available on Google Play store for free. This Game offer the more realistic Cricket graphics and provide full user control over bating, bowling and fielding. Play for your country and try to win the world cup. Win the match and collect more points to qualify the world cup.
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9. Cricket Unlimited 3D.

Cricket Unlimited 3d Android GameIt is a best Android 3D cricket Game. This Game provide a lot of fun and enjoy to its users for hours. This Game provide us stunning camera angels which give us a feeling of real Cricket. Enjoy cheer leader dance when we take a wicket or play a good shot. User have full control on our fielding or can also change our fielding. We can jump, dive to catch the shot. Approximately 5 million user download this Game.
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10. ICC World Cup.

ICC Cricket worldcup Game Android GameICC world Cup is another popular Android Cricket Game. It is a light weight Android Game which provide three different Game mode including Quick Play, World Cup and challenge. It also provide special Action Cam view to give more realistic view of Cricket Game. This Game offer enhance fielding and Batting styles. Approximately 5 million user download this Game.
Download From PlaystoreThese are few best cricket games for android with different fields, players and teams. I hope you like these games don’t forget to share it with other

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