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CyanogenMod Installation Guide for Galaxy 5

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Hey Guys,
This is Guide to flash CyanogenMod 7/9 on your Galaxy5 via MAD Team’s new ROM Manager app – MAD Manager. You need to flash ClockworkMod Recovery first, before you can flash any Custom ROMs on your device.
What is ClockworkMod?:
ClockworkMod – also known as Clockwork and CWM – is a custom recovery for Android phones and tablets that allows you to perform several advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device that aren’t possible with the stock recovery.

Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery

- Method via MAD Manager
     Note: Your device must be rooted to flash ClockworkMod Recovery via this app
1.  Download and launch MAD Manager
2.  Select ClockworkMod Recovery from main menu.
3.  Now from the list, select the latest ClockworkMod Recovery and click Download.

4.  After the download complete, click Flash button.

5.  Now allow root access, it will flash recovery image on your Galaxy5.
- Method via ODIN
      You can also flash ClockworkMod Recovery via ODIN Multi Downloader.
1.  Download the latest tar release from this thread. Do not extract any files from the .tar file.
2.  Flash the .tar file via Odin using the regular “One Package” procedure. If you need help, consult the relevant wiki page.
3.  Your phone should now automatically reboot into ClockworkMod. Enjoy!
IMPORTANT:  flashing via the .tar method will convert your /cache partition back to RFS. Make sure to “wipe cache” after flashing via the .tar method when it reboots to recovery.

Downloading CyanogenMod

1. Launch MAD Manager.
2. Select Download ROMs from main menu.
3. Select CyanogenMod 9. Then select the latest version of this ROM.

4. Next, you will see Download Screen. Press Download button and wait until download starts.
5. CyanogenMod doesn’t contain Google Apps. You’ll need to download Google Apps package seperatley.
If you want to download ROM from PC you can download ROM from here:

Flashing CyanogenMod ROM

1. Select Flash Update from main menu.
2. Select first ‘‘ option and browse for CyanogenMod update zip package that you downloaded before.
3. Downloads will be found in /sdcard/madmanager/
4. Then do the same with Google Apps update package.

Note: Galaxy5 has small system partition. Since the system partition is full even with minimal Google Apps, don’t flash additional updates, unless you know what you are doing! Leave the third empty!

5. Select Backup ROM if you want to backup current ROM before flashing. Make sure you are backing up any Custom ROM not Stock ROM else it wont work. If you are running stock Samsung ROM don’t check Backup ROM option!

6. If you are upgrading from CM7, Froyo or Eclair, you will need to Wipe Data. Just tick the Wipe Data option. If you are selecting Wipe Data, then Dalvik cache will be wipe with it, so there is no need to select Wipe Dalvik cache, though, if you select it, app will ignore it while flashing.
7. Now select Flash update(s). Phone will reboot into recovery and flash updates automatically.
After flashing it will boot into new CyanogenMod 9 – Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
Have fun!
Thanks for reading!

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