Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY: Make an App without Coding – AppInventor

Hello guys,
Today we are going to review a very intuitive and user friendly android App development tool by Google. Have you ever imaging that you want to be developer and having not programming skills? Google has made your life easier if you really want to learn and develop android App. This tool allows you to develop an App just by drag and drop. It doesn’t require any programming skills except some technical knowledge of android. This tool is called “AppInventor”. This App is completely dedicated to beginners and intermediate skilled people. If you  have very customized requirement then you should be expert developer and able to write codes. Because AppInventor doesn’t offer you many functions. It has some limitations too.
To setup AppInventor in your PC follow this link:

Once you setup, you will be redirected to the following window as shown in below. (Note: this is browser based window only, means you will design your app in browserand in your google accout where it will be saved as project.)

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