Share PC internet with G5 without WiFi
Hello everyone,
Today we are going to cover our madteam member’s post. “sqdzn” has done great effort for making tutorial on Share Internet From Your PC via USB Cable without wifi connection.
This is really useful tutorial if you lacking of wifi connection at home or work and still want to use internet on G5 to download some apps, ROMs etc. This is possible. All you need is data cable and sqdzn guide. :)  Thanks to sqdzn for sharing this guide.
Follow steps as shown below.
- Make sure you were install your usb driver on yer PC.
(in this case, i use Window$ XP SP3 with Samsung KIES Installed)- put your G5 into PC using USB data cable.
then, straight to Settings > Wireless & Network settings > Thetering & Portable Hotspot.
- Back to the homescreen after check USB Thetering.
don’t forget to check that!- now, we move to your PC. 
open your Network Connections and see few pictures below.
- Do not forget to check that Internet Connection Sharing.- now, we get share icon on our prime connection now
move, to our second connections. (Samsung Android USB NDIS Remote).
- set the IP Address and Netmask. and ignore another.
Are we finish? not!
keep reading this. Scroll to down.
next, we need Termul ( Terminal Emulator) with root privilege.
open your Termul and type (execute each line with [enter] button.$su don’t forget to allow that :PNow, we gotta # symbol that means you we superuser on your termul.type:
#ifconfig usb0 netmask,
#busybox route add default gw
ignore the picture, just for compliment  :Pnow, try to ping your fave site!wow, we got reply from server. that means you’re luck!
if not work? try again till you’re luck ;phappy fishing!
and DWYOR   8)    — sqdzn
I hope you have successfully followed this tutorial. I really appreciate sqdzn for sharing this tutorial with us.
If you have any comment and feedback please leave it below :)
Thank You