Monday, October 10, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich Launch Postponed

October,9 2011.
Just last week the excitement for the launch of the latest version of the Android platform called Ice Cream Sandwich was really building up. If you had visited the official Android Developers channel on YouTube at that time you would have seen a placeholder video counting down the days and hours to the major event. Now there’s only an apology stating the live event will no longer push through.
The debut of this much anticipated Android offering was supposed to take place at the CTIA Fall 2011 which will run on October 11-13 in San Diego. This event is also known as CTIA Enterprise and Applications, and is one of two major convention and trade show affairs that the industry trade group holds annually.

Along with Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung was also said to finally raise the curtain on a new Android phone in their Unpacked segment of the trade show. It won’t take you three guesses to figure out that this is the Nexus Prime, the first smart phone that will stand on the new Android 4.0 platform. There were even teaser ads coming out with the copy “Something big is coming.” – a reference to the large screen size of the much talked about phone.
Too bad it has to end at teasing as both Google and Samsung have not yet set a new date for their respective unveilings. Some reports speculate that the recent passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may have been a major factor in the companies’ decisions to postpone.
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