Sunday, October 9, 2011

Remove Virus from pendrive without any software??

Most of the virus like new folder.exe, orkut is ban etc use pen drive and other media flash drives to infect your system. Now you can remove these virus from your pen drive. Follow these steps to do it.

Step1. Go to Start>Run and type here cmd then hit enter

Step2. Now in cmd type your pen drive's drive letter (like H:, G: etc)

Step3. After that type this command
            attrib -s -r -h -a *.* (after that hit enter)
This command will unhide and remove readonly feature from virus files. Now open Your pen dirve and fine any exe file. Suppose the virus is new.exe and drive letter of your pen drive's is H: . To delete it type this command in cmd del  H:\new.exe and hit enter. Now your pen drive is free from virus.

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