Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iPhone 4S runs on 800MHz A5 processor, according to ABI Research

Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 16:33:48 IST
According to ABI Research, the new Apple iPhone 4S has some specifications that might raise eyebrows for a cutting edge and top-end smartphone in today’s market. ABI managed to get their hands on a iPhone 4S device, and tear it down, revealing the parts for all major components in the devices, along with process evaluation, performance measurements, circuit board photos, cost information, and processor benchmarks.
As seen in ABI Research’s teardown report, the iPhone 4S apparently bears much similarity to previous iPhone designs. However, slight changes make the device stand out from its predecessors, including a slightly tweaked Qualcomm MDM6x00 modem platform. The iPhone 4S also has a new RF front-end configuration utilizing all multi-mode PAs. The device also comes with a Murata Bluetooth module, which supports Bluetooth 4.0.
The biggest news however, is that the iPhone 4S, though bearing the Apple A5 processor of the iPad 2, runs it at 800MHz, the same clock speed as the A4 processor in the iPhone 4, or 20% slower than the 1GHz iPad 2 A5 processor.
According the ABI though, this does not mean the iPhone 4S is slower than the iPad 2. The combination of the smaller screen and faster memory actually give it an advantage, while “drawing less than two-thirds the power needed for the iPad 2.”

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